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Anser Canada Goose Hunter Pack

Anser Canada Goose Hunter Pack

Anser Canada Goose Hunter Pack
The most wary geese of all, "Snow Geese", are killed over sock decoys all across North America, makes sense the Canada Goose which in most circles considered a lot less wary can be killed over Sock Decoys.
Why travel with a trailer full of full bodied decoys that shine in the dew and frost and cost a lot of dollars to transport, plus purchase price, when you can use sock decoys. Sock decoys give you motion, which is more natural in the field for far less money than full bodied decoys. Socks, cost less, take less space in transport and storage, put up faster and take down and store faster. You can be taking a nap while the full bodied decoy hunter is still bagging his flocked decoys and trying to get them all in his large gas hog trailer before the next day’s hunt. Time wise on the hunt is the same as you'll spend more time cleaning birds while the full bodied decoy hunter is packing his decoys in the trailer. Let's hope it doesn't rain or snow, 'cause the sock hunter will be able to set up in his field with no less decoys while the full body man is sitting in the restaurant drinking coffee wishing he could drive his trailer in the field.

Made in the USA, the best designed, the most dependable, long lasting, true to life Canada Goose Sock Decoy on the market. Stay "Open" Crush proof collars, Ultra flat paint, no glare, Collapsible Back Support for Storage, UV Inhibitor Molded into Heads to reduce yellowing.
12 windsock Canada Goose Decoys, 4 Sentry, 4 Feeders, 4 Sidekick, the revolutionary sock decoy of the century, opens perpendicular to the wind for a more realistic look.
Manufactured in Pennsylvania with the best USA resources available, fiberglass (no bend and break) stakes, seated flocked heads (no twist off or come apart), UV Inhibitor Molded into heads to reduce yellowing, Armor Flocked Heads for a long lasting look.
SKU SKU18036
Weight 4.00 lbs
Part # ACHP-1
Our price: $149.99

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Sentry SideKick Feeder