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Flagman Closer Decoy

Flagman Closer Decoy

Flagman Closer Decoy

Randy Bartz the "Flagman" has done it again. With years of hunting and waterfowl hunting gear design under his belt, Bartz may have developed his best product ever "The Closer Decoy". The "Closer" gets em closer!!! It's a new fabric silhouette decoy that presents the illusion of geese landing, which means heads down and wings in the V-Position.


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This look is the most inviting posture birds see when they want to land. It looks natural and keeps geese comfortable as they approach and come into shooting range. The "Closer Decoy" will provide that safe zone for cupped geese the other decoys can't. Bartz design and then field-tested the "Closer Decoy" for three years. The treated nylon silhouette shed water and is sturdy for years of use and the plastic head, in its down position , reflects landing geese in their natural form. With a 36" fiberglass ground stake, it's also design to use the wind to your advantage. The "Closer Decoys" are best deployed on the downwind side of a group of resting geese. But also can be used to fill gaps in the spread or to cover your blind. Put the "Closer Decoys" on longer poles for use over water, it will attract ducks into your combined goose-duck decoy spread as well as geese. "They get closer when you use Closers" Available in a 2 pak but Bartz recommends 4-6 for best results, 2 pak comes with the heads, wings and poles.

SKU SKU17759
Weight 4.00 lbs
Part # CBCL-2
Our price: $87.99

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  • Author: Ron Ruhr, Out of the Blue Guide Service
    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to field test your new product
    "The Closer". This product is a breakthrough in decoying geese and works
    like a charm. The realistic wing motion and bent head landing goose position
    is awesome. It works in low wind pretty well, but where it shines is in
    moderate to high winds. The wings seem to load up with tension and the
    flapping motion is super realistic. As you know my hunting style, I like to
    get the birds in close and to do that nowadays with the super educated
    geese, I like to distract them from my hiding positions, either pit blinds
    or layout blinds. So I strategically position "The Closer" a little ways off
    from my position so I can flag from the pit or layout blind to get their
    attention and attract them towards the decoys and then I put my hand
    operated flag away and let "The Closer" work its magic. Often times we come
    up and the geese are keyed in on "The Closer" and our fist shots are at
    unsuspecting geese that didn't see our first move and flaring already when
    we started to shoot. Let's face it, flaring geese are very hard to hit for
    most people, and my clients score better on geese that are still coming in
    when the first shots are fired. Thanks again for your constant research and
    development of new products. This one is a winner!

    Ron Ruhr
    Out of the Blue Guide Service
    Longmont, Colorado

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