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Goose Tree System Flying Decoys
The Goose Tree System is the next generation in flying goose decoys. This landing flock of 3 flyers draws geese from great distances and brings them to land within 15 yards, on the X. More than 10 years in development across North America this is the most hunter-tested flying decoy system on the market today.

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Goose Tree System Set of 3 Flyers with River Rod Extensions
Set 3 GTS flyers includes 3 River Rod extensions for both water and land applications.
Goose Tree System flyers now go to water with a set of 3 River Rods (included) and 3 GTS Flyers.

Sold in sets of 3. This variation of the Goose Tree System offers two applications:

1. Now GTS Flyers can be placed in shallow waters and still keep the flyer well above the surface. See photos.

2. The GTS Flyers can also be used for field hunting as their own small group of landing geese, or it can be used in tandem with the original Goose Tree System, creating a larger flock that has the natural look of geese stair-stepping down to the ground. Made in America by a Vet. Free US Shipping.

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Goose Tree System Pro Pack of 7 GTS Flyers
Provides flexibility for both land and shallow water hunting. The Pro-Pack provides expanded applications of the basic Goose Tree System. The GTS Pro-Pack pulls hard on the goose instinct to follow the flocks flying up ahead.
Made in the USA.

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Goose Tree System Just-A-Bale 3-Hunter Hay Bale Blind

Literally thousands of birds (and a couple of deer) have been harvested from Just-A-Bale blinds over the past 8 seasons. The Just-A-Bale blind offers traditional stand up shooting.  It is completely portable, see photos.  This adjustable 3 man blind can be extended from 5' to 9' long.  Benefits include steel components wtih a natural grass covering.  The J-A-B works in all weather conditions and on all terrain. 

Customer pick-up only, contact us via email, or call 612-868-3974

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