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Super Shed Hunting Training Kit

Super Shed Hunting Training Kit

Super Shed Hunting Training Kit
The following states currently prohibit the purchase and sale of antlers: Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina and Oklahoma. We will not ship antlers to those mentioned states.
The Super Shed Hunting Dog Training Kit has the following items, Training your Dog to Hunt Shed Antlers book by Tom Dokken, Dokkens Rack Wax to add the proper scent to sheds to enhance the training procedures,4 small training Shed Antlers from real Whitetail Deer with rope and Power Knob, 2 Large training shed from a real Whitetail Deer with rope and Power Knob (Use the large shed to train after your dog understands how to carry the smaller sheds) all training sheds come with a carry rope, power knob and bright colored ribbon (bright colored ribbon makes the shed easier for you to spot when hidden from the dog) and Shed Wash to eliminate all human and dog odors, a must for completing the training.
Other items you may consider for Shed hunting, a e-collar, a locating bell or beeper, Shed Silhouettes and additional training sheds. When I shed train with my dogs I like to put out 4-6 training sheds at a time so as not to waste a lot of time hiding sheds. By putting out larger quantities the dog spends more time hunting and less time waiting for you to re-place the training sheds.
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